Thursday, September 08, 2016

Holy Moments...and Holy Crap

Glennon Doyle Melton is my hero.  
She is my sister.  
She is my voice.  
She uses God's voice...Love's voice...
to tell our truth with her story.

You can find lots about her here:
Or you can turn on any TV channel right now and notice Oprah's book club selection.

I love when truth spreads.
It always does.
I never stays small.
Truth with love is combustion.
Explosive. should read this book.
And her blog.
And her other book.
And pretty much do anything she asks you to do...
I mean...if you want to.

In other news....I took a poll of my latest Instagram submissions.  
They seem to speak to me in a way that tells me what my heart needs or is noticing.  All the pictures in this blog were posted by me in the past week or so on Instagram.  

What am I saying to myself?

What am I noticing?

I think there's a beginning....

I sense optimism and health in myself.
I also sense a new perspective around the corner.

I have always known that I was strong.
Stronger than almost everyone I knew.
I thought every part of ME was for SOMEONE else.
I thought God made me strong because she wanted me to take on everyone else's burdens.
I thought God made me to do for others.
I was happy to do that.
But...I think now I got only part of that right-if any.
I choked out joy.
I let go of beauty.
I did my duty-but I walled up vulnerability.
I was strong in hard, impervious ways.

I had a thought this week so startling...
What if God made me so strong so that I could feel MORE JOY.
not less.
That seems more right.

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