Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yard art

I've had several requests for updated yard pictures (from people who saw the yard THEN and are wondering why I'm so beat up looking on Monday). I've said it before that it takes some imagination to 'see' what it will look like in 2 years but it's making me happy.

Front yard (beside porch) The first picture and this one are different veiws of the same bed. Full of camellia, lorapetalums and spirea with some annual/herbs for color.

Other side of porch:. There actually a hydrangea in the bed closest to the house with lorapetulums. On the outside of the fence, there's a perennial bed with Rosemary, Lychnis (Rose Campion), assorted daylilies and Scabiosa (Pincushion flower). I also planted Sweet Peas but they got hit pretty hard with frost.

From the sidewalk (notice the tent-we camped out recently for E.'s birthday). A bridal wreath spirea with cherry laurels as handmaidens. There's a Knock-Out rose and a Beauty berry bush down the line.

The long view of the side yard:
Nothing too exciting here. We ran out of steam and have to put down about 2 more trucks of mulch before I can transplant a cherry tree and put in a bunch of perennials. There is a lovely red cutleaf Japanese maple in this bed but it's pretty puny.

Turning the corner:
On the inside of the fence there are shasta daisies, echinacea (Purple coneflower), Asters, and black-eyed susans (and a Rosemary and some sage)


Sunnispace said...

The yard looks great! Love the fence - love the plants! Everything will look fabulous at the end of the season... Miss you... we've got to do lunch!

Joe said...


I finally got off my fat butt and linked back to you from "Eat at Joe's!". So go post something already. :)

I tried to leave a comment a while back, but I think it got eaten by the Comment Monster. :)

Take care,