Monday, November 02, 2009


I would like to tell you that I've got a great new recipe to share. Or that I ate out at the most AMAZING restaurant last week. Or that I am really, anything...other than an insane, manic person who is hell-bent on redoing my entire house. But the truth is I'm not focused on eating very much lately (gasp!) because I'm to busy trying to get my house in order. Why does my house need to be in order? I'm not 100% sure. This is some sort of post-baby creative frenzy that has happened to me both times that my children are nearing the 2 year mark. I think it's the result of several years where I was forced to do everything one-handed in 10 minute increments. I've had months to meld my vision and it's finally time to DO IT. So, I am doing it.
Since July, I have (with the assistance of my sweet spouse):
  • Put up a stone backsplash in our kitchen
  • Painted every room in the downstairs
  • Rearranged furniture in every room
  • Stripped and repainted a sideboard
  • Reorganized my kitchen cabinets, movies, DVDs and books
  • Donated or sold several boxes or 'stuff' that is useless to us
And I'm not really done. But there's a party at my house in two weeks that is making me put the finishing touch on lots of side projects and simultaneously helping me realize exactly how manic I am being. Hopefully I'll get back to food stuff soon but if not, there'll be lots of pizzas being ordered from Daniel's and lots of quick trips out to Tyler's.

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