Monday, November 23, 2009

Giving Thanks

Just a little warm, spicy comfort coming your way. This soup is from a recipe in Sarah Foster's cookbook titled Fresh Every Day.

The soup is called something like Chipotle Squash and is perfect for cold, wet days or just when you need a warm up inside. I made a nice big batch and froze it to enjoy at my leisure. Even just looking at the picture I'm feeling that my nose is a little warmer and my soul a little steamier. I swear that I took the picture to the right even though it looks almost identical to the picture in the cookbook. That's a recommendation in itself! I'm not an avid cookbook reader but this is a cookbook that I can recommend without a single qualm. It works for home cooks and people who don't think they can boil water. I have owned it for several years now and it never fails to inspire me. And even better- Sarah Foster is a local!

I'm wishing you joy and I'm thankful for all my blessing. Here's hoping you snuggle up with a great cookbook or a bowl of soup or a pack of wild relatives and enjoy the gifts of this season!

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