Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Watermelon Radish

This is not really a recipe but sometimes the obvious options need restating for you to remember the crisp truth. The lesson this week is that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is better with butter.
We received a watermelon radish in our farm box a few weeks ago from EdibleEarthscapes. I must admit that radishes are not things that I have felt strong reactions for previously. I think they're lovely in their little round easter egg colors and I don't mind them thrown into salads or as little pickles. But I don't get too excited about eating them. They seem like a side dish or an afterthought. Definitely not something that requires center stage.
I'm starting to change my mind about radishes though. The watermelon radish was so beautiful. Greenish white on the outside, fushia on the inside with little spokes radiating out. Something to showcase it's loveliness was required but what? My husband wanted to just eat it raw as is but I like to fiddle with things a little bit before I eat them. We were having a little soiree so we used them as an appetizer. We slathered butter and then a little sea salt dashed on top for flair. The were all dressed up (and disappeared quickly).
Incidentally, on the plate beside them are cucumber slices with pickled ginger and daikon pickles. The daikon is another kind of radish we received from the farm that has me very intrigued. I julienned them and then salted them, squeezed out the water and then put them in a brine of salt and sugar for about 12 hours. They stink up the fridge righteously but they provide this crisp little garnish that makes the stink worthwhile.


Dee said...

Greetings. I just stumbled onto your nice blog and discovered that you too are a member of Jason and Haruka's CSA. Don't you love it? They are really making it easy and affordable for me to live up to my locavore goals.
I've got a blog,too,where I write about sustainable farming and food issues, especially here in the greater Triangle.

It's called Sustainable Grub.


Sucar said...

Dee-I actually read your blog too! Mutual admiration.

I do really enjoy the CSA experience-getting up and dragging my kids to North Hills farmers market every Saturday, opening the box like a summertime Christmas present, and then trying to figure out how to use up all the produce before the end of the week. Take care!


Anonymous said...

why not:)