Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Peak City-Part II

Sucar is a sucker. My family and I visited Peak City Grille again this weekend. It's just soooo close and so cute.

Initially, I was excited because they've revamped their menu. It was Sunday and therefore Prime Rib night. K. wanted a steak so he ordered the Prime Rib. I ordered the pistachio crusted lamb chops. They were sold out. Oh well. Ok then, I'll take the wild salmon with wine reduction, roasted potatoes and asparagus.

For wine, K. chose a glass of Estancia meritage( I chose GundlachBundschu Cabernet( Both are nice wines to sip and drink. Looking good so far.

Salads were solid. K. had the blue cheese iceberg wedge. The blue cheese dressing had the best qualities of homemade-creamy and crumbly at once. I had an organic mixed green salad with craisins, pecans and goat cheese. Tasty except for the shreds of ice-berg lettuce filling in where the spinach should have been. Oh, E. coli! What are you doing to my favorite salad green?

The main courses were less than thrilling. K's prime rib was tough and chewy. I was reminded of cow-a ruminant chewing my cud will I gnawed through my sample. My salmon was okay but too elaborate. The salmon flavor was being buried and I couldn't help but wonder if the disguise was intentional. We complained about the chewiness and received a dessert compliments of the house. It was a grainy blueberry-peach cobbler. Unfortunately, the best part about dessert was the ice cream-not homemade but high end store-bought.

The service this time was fantastic. Thoughtful and attentive without being annoying. So, at least that was up. If only the food could match the wine and the service and they could get it consistent! See, this is why I keep going back. Glimmers of hope....and laziness.

Anyway-I'm on a mission to find new restaurants in my town. Wish me luck!

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ec said...

Stop the madness! You obviously can prepare a much better meal yourself and have 2 bottles of wine for what you pay for one out. Cook for me or take me to Daniels instead please. e