Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Blue Horizon

I mentioned in my last entry that I've been going to the Raleigh Farmer's Market for produce. The produce is very good but my will power is limited. I usually end up buying much more than my little family can consume in a week EVEN if I bring a long and explicit list. I just get seduced bythe figs (and the nectarines and the flowers and the specialty cheese).

I'm also interested in local produce and seasonal eating. Lindy at Toast gets a farm box every week and uses that to determine what she will eat. I'm intrigued at the idea of having my groceries predetermined for me by the weather and availability. Otherwise stated-I do not feel complete unless I have put a challenge in place to adapt to.

So, I looked around to try and find a farm locally that I could purchase vegetables from. Blue Horizon farm in Pittsboro has a nice website that lists available farm goods and allows you to plan your purchase. Even better, they sometimes have items not listed and are amenable to trying to find an odd eggplant or two for you. I can't meet them at any of their scheduled drop off times or locations so they were also nice enough to let me pick up from their farm. I purchased some yellow cherry tomatoes, some slicing tomatoes, 3 long eggplants, a bunch of beet greens, a bouquet of cut flowers, 2 red peppers, and a dozen eggs. Tammy and Dave were super nice-they drew me a map of a shortcut to Fearrington Village from their house and I managed to make it there (sort of).

All in all, the experience was extremely positive. The only downside is my distance from them (about 35 minutes). Their farm is not near my house but is on the way to my Grandma's so I will stop by when I can. I mean, just look at those lovely eggs? Suddenly Martha's obsession with the color of eggs doesn't seem so odd. I spent my first groggy minutes Sunday morning admiring them in their crate and then on the plate above. And then I smashed them into bits to make some tasty scrambled eggs for the toddler. Yum!

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