Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Sugar. The sweet life.

What does a perfect day look like? I had one on Sunday. Here's the playlist:

Step 1: Leave husband and child at home while you meet a dear friend for breakfast. Preferrably at a hip coffee spot in a charming neighborhood. Shawntel suggested The Third Place Coffehouse and then she treated me unexpectedly to breakfast (thanks Shawntel!). A chocolate croissant never tasted so good.

Step 2: Go to church. I know this doesn't necessarily sound like part of a relaxing day but in my case it is. My friend Jen recently introduced me to her church and I'm hooked. The music is glorius, the atmosphere is positive and members wear whatever appeals to them. If you're interested, it's the Unity Triangle Church onWhitaker Mill Road-( This Sunday's service was bookended by the musical talents Crazies for Jesus. They didn't seem that crazy to me-but their music made me feel as though I were in New Orleans or the Carribean.

Step 3: All that meditation, power of positive prayer, and singing makes a girl hungry! So, I called home to see if there were lunch orders. (There were not-my lovely husband could really care less what he eats. Sigh.) So, I went where my obsession takes me. Currently, that is to a french bakery off of Cary Parkway called La Farm ( I picked up a mushroom/guyere stuffed baguette, some herbed garlic cheese spread, and a loaf of ciabatta for comfort.

Step 4: Reading material was running low so I swung by the Apex Library. I am still so amazed by the wake county libraries. At my old home, a trip to the library was a scavenger hunt through shelves of disorder. Let me give you an example. Let's say, you're looking for book by a popular author with the last name Perry. You would need to walk the entire aisle where the 'P' books are located. Look on both sides carefully. The Perry books would be interwoven with the Pearsons, Pattersons, and even Richards. You might assume that your book is just not in so you stroll over to the non-fiction aisles looking for a good cookbook. There, wedged between 'How to grill anything' and 'Eastern Birding Handbook' you would find your book by Perry. Now, i just walk right into Eva Perry's Library and pick up exactly what I intended and am out in 5 minutes.

Step 5: Go home to be greeted by your lovely family. Eat lunch together (see step 4). Open a bottle of wine and then put the monster masquerading as your son to bed for a siesta. Read and sip in the brief respite.

Step 6: After the nap monster has been placated, take the little cherub outside to play in the wading pool. He splashes and plays and cackles. For hours. While you sit in your adirondack chairs, sip wine, and wave to your neighbors.



ec said...

Hey there! What a lovely way to spend a day. Just needs a Yankee friend to make it complete.

Great photo of the boo. Hope to see more. Also hoping to see a few restaurant reviews in the future.


Sucar said...

Thanks lovely! I'm a little paranoid about the restaurant reviews-but i'm going to post the one i sent you earlier-with updated commentary.

Gabriella True said...

What a beautiful child!! So glad you have joined us this week for WBB!