Monday, August 23, 2010


I've owned a pizza stone for about 15 years but never used it to make homemade pizza. Last night was the first time. Pizza is one thing that I can always get my kids to eat. I'm pretty picky about pizza-I only like really thin crust and fresh ingredients. I was having a Sunday afternoon cook fest to make up things with my farm box and thought I'd do something new since I was already spending the afternoon in the kitchen. Man...was it worth it!

I used the pizza recipe from Jamie Oliver's 'Jamie at Home'. The book itself is a thoroughly good read-particularly if you are equally excited about growing things as you are about eating them. His energy and excitement never fails to rub off on me so I thought I'd give his pizza dough a try. I had a little trouble finding the flour that he recommends but it's worth the hunt. Plus, the recipe makes 6 (!) small pizzas. We ended up freezing 3 for later use.

The picture is my husband's concotion-bbq sauce topped with prosiutto, black olives, sundried tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Mine had a pesto sauce base topped with two kinds of cheese and the kids picked ....cheese (with some black olives for our son who is obsessed with them).

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